p300 Revision 619 released

I have released a new version of the p300 file sharing tool. Changes:

  • Better re-using of HTTP connections
  • Downloader UI updates more often
  • More efficient handling of Downloader-Threads
  • Manually discover other host improved
  • Manual adding of downloads
  • Opening of finished download directory directly from UI
  • When a download finishes, the waiting downloads will be re-started
  • Better selection of chunks to download
  • If a host has multiple IPs, use them also for directory downloads and not only for file downloads
  • Delete old download meta files
  • Show offline hosts in UI
  • Only move one download at a time
  • Fixed bug with setting bandwidth limit exceptions
  • Fix invalid chars in downloaded filenames
  • Leadbullet integration
  • Preallocate download file

Get it at the p300 website.

Thanks to the people who tested it :)

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