p300 revision 685 released

The latest version of p300 mainly focuses on UI improvements and some smaller bugfixes under the hood.

Changes include:

  • polished the web ui a bit
  • getRandomChunk was returning 0 too often
  • started GUI changes to make p300 look more messenger-like
  • return 501 for DELETE, LOCK etc
  • changed “open webinterface” to a tree item
  • moved “copy my url” button to settings
  • more icons
  • search hosts directly from browser
  • version displayed in main window
  • sharemonkey link in search results
  • complete main window tree not collapsable anymore
  • fixed search bug when file index was not created yet
  • no more grid lines in JTables
  • better handling of the context menu in the file browser

Have fun :)

9 thoughts on “p300 revision 685 released

  1. Jouko


    Would there be any possibility to create pages as cache and gzip those caches. Then server can send directly those gzip-caches with spoofing than they are compressed real time.

    something like ob_start(“ob_gzhandler”); does real time in php.

  2. guruz Post author

    Hi Jouko,

    Sure, this could be done and I have already thought of it, but I think the benefits are too low to implement this. Or do you have any real big reason why you want this?


  3. Togg


    I have setup a VPN network and want to evaluate the available solutions for intranet filesharing.

    Can you provide some sort of technical specification of p300? Especially regarding the file transfers, host resolution, browsing stuff?

    At best I want a small tool, able to auto-lookup all hosts running a specific app in this vpn. This app should be able to share files (including browsing remotly shared directories) and a chat.
    Anyone has another program to recommend which comes close to my dream?


  4. Togg

    By the way, can you implement a small message system (chat) to p300? =)


  5. guruz Post author

    Hi Togg :)

    File transfers are normal HTTP transfers without any magic
    Browsing is done via WebDAV (look into wikipedia on that topic if you don’t know it)
    Host resolution is via UDP multicast/broadcast packets.. (very simple)

    I think p300 provides everything you state, except the chat.. hmmm.. implementing a usable messaging system would be possible, but I can’t do that quickly.. would take some weeks. What about running an IRC server? Do you want 1to1 communications or chatrooms?


  6. Togg

    Hi Markus,

    Thanks for the fast repsonse!
    I’m looking for one program which does it all :) Easy setup, discovery of other clients, chat and file transfer.
    IRC would be overkill for that I think. If you could implement a small but effective messaging system (one-to-one for my purpose) that would be cool.

    I’m also planning to have a small news board in the intranet, so a 1-to-n communication could be provided by that.


  7. guruz Post author

    We’re using a Wiki for our VPN, this is very great :)

    Ok, then let me know if p300 works for you and on your VPN. If yes, I try to implement the chat :)

  8. Togg

    Probably depends on the weather :)
    I’ll stay tuned for updates.

    Thanks for the effort!

    Cu in IRC ;)

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