Moronic Glossyblue WordPress theme by N.Design Studio

I’m ok with their licensing.. keep a link to their website and it is free for you.

However, the whole footer.php of the WordPress theme Glossyblue is obsofucated:

@eval(@base64_decode("QGV2YWw ....

If you decode the Base 64 String, it is again encoded:

@eval(@str_rot13(@gzinflate(@base64_decode("zVhtb9s2EP ...

What kind of shit is that? I can’t easily modify the whole footer of the theme which also includes some widgets down there. I am really pissed about it. I’m looking for another theme.

PS: I am not providing a link to the Glossyblue theme.
PPS: The theme was meant for another blog, not for this one.
PPPS: I don’t know if their iTheme is obsfucated too.