p300 revision 762 released

Finally, another release of p300. Let’s hope I have more time for p300 after my diploma thesis.


  • menu button in main window
  • changed most of the tree items to menu items
  • changed main tree so that chat and webinterface of hosts are easier reachable
  • set focus to input edit field in chat window when opening
  • add share directly from main menu
  • simplified adding shares, sharename will be derived from directory name
  • ENTER to send in chat instead of CTRL+X
  • download button in GUI file browser
  • added Amazon.co.jp to shops
  • moved icons around in the JAR
  • automatic scrolling down in console and upload log
  • download completition percentage has now two decimal places
  • hidden files or directories in the shares cannot be acessed anymore
  • hide Sharemonkey buttons until the quality of their results improves
  • changed some internal things on how resources are loaded
  • better inclusion of Java Webstart on http://p300.eu/download/
  • updated icon shown im Java Webstart
  • added splash screen in Java Webstart
  • the ID used for identification in LAN will now contain the encoded hostname. this makes p300 work from multiple computers using the same home directory. Currently all will show the same display name though.
  • links to suggest feature and to send feedback

Have fun with it :)

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