Version 876 of p300 has been released

Finally the long-awaited search function inside p300 is released :)

  • thanks to the hard work of Sebastian, the global search finally works! Yay!
  • increased window size from 600×400 to 800×600
  • hostname for unique LAN identifier generation will be kept even if it changes. This should fix some duplicate hosts in the host list.
  • We now have a support webchat. Thanks to axod from mibbit!

19 thoughts on “Version 876 of p300 has been released

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  2. jjss

    Great news! THanks for your effort, i like the new search. Any chance to make the taskbar icon transparent? In Linux it shows with a gray background.

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  4. SEO

    It’s good to know that our long wait for this release ends up now and it’s great news if it would be able to fix the duplicate host in the host list.. Thanks for having such a gratify and momentous release.. We are looking forward for such releases in future as well..

  5. Animaroo

    Wow, so finally we have it… I started hating p300 because of this and was planning to drop using it.
    Sebastian very good work… even though it is basic I am sure it is going to be of great use.
    And I am also sure the basic thing will keep improving as time moves on.
    Thanks a ton again for letting us know on this..

  6. facinoricci67

    Wow… That's great achievement. I've been used the p300 for frequently for now to connect and have conversation with my network. I hope this could be have more version coming to fully work with the other problems will cross. Thanks for this very special information.

  7. CMS

    I never knew about this new release until today when a friend asked me about P300's new search release. Nice work, I am reading it in more details

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