p300 987 has been released

I have found the time to release the latest p300.

The changes are mostly bugfixes, thanks to all reporters (oXyde and more):

  • Fixed two very stupid bug in the downloader that prevented a download from finishing when it had multiple sources (e.g. if a host we are downloading from was reachable via LAN and via VPN)
  • Fixed another bug in the downloader that (sometimes?) prevented files over 2 GB from finishing
  • Try to more agressively send multicast packets. This should eliminate “bad argument for IP_MULTICAST_IF2: No IP addresses bound to interface” messages
  • Most options in the webinterface are hidden per default. There is a checkbox to have those options shown again
  • Moved some stuff from MainDialog methods in Action objects
  • Search edit field in main window gets the keyboard focus when window is shown or mouse is over the edit field
  • Link to iTunes store in the shopping search results (US, Germany, Belgium). Tell us if you need more
  • After click on send button in chat the input field gets the focus
  • “Open results in webinterface” button in the search results
  • Browse a directory directly from the search results
  • More options in the main menu
  • double click on LAN/VPN hosts in main window: Add a host
  • The search from the browse window now opens the new search GUI instead of the old webinterface search UI
  • The window for the upload log and the console should now properly auto-scroll (at least on Linux and OS X). Also, their size has been limited to 512 KB

Have fun :)