p300 bug in Windows when sharing a complete NTFS drive

Blackout888 and oXyde reported a weird p300 bug that happens with various Windows (Vista, XP) and Java (1.6.0_04, 1.6.0_10) versions, but only in some cases:

Sharing of a complete drive (e.g. d:\) formatted with NTFS is not possible in systems affected by this bug. The reasons are currently unknown, the HTTP error reported by p300 will be “400 Not existing or not readable”.

I am currently absolutely unsure why this is happening. Is anyone else affected and can maybe tell more information?

Update 21.11.2008: new File(“d:\\”).isHidden () returns true if d: is a NTFS drive. p300 does not share hidden files, therefore the sharing will fail. Why Java / Windows behaves like that.. I don’t know, but I will look at it. But at least it means that this “bug” will be fixed in the next p300 version: On Windows we will also share hidden files.

Update 2 21.11.2008: It is actually already in the Sun Java Bug Tracker :(

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