Monthly Archives: December 2008

Merry Christmas!

Have some nice holidays!

I actually planned to do some p300 work these days, but I’ve got a lot of social obligations. Most of them I even do voluntarily ;)

p300 1011 has been released

I’m happy to announce the latest version of p300 :)

The changes are:

  • With the change from 3-character revision to 4-character, the auto updater was broken. This is now fixed for future releases. However, this means the auto upater is not able to launch revision 1011. You have to manually download it.
  • Allowing of hosts has been reworked to be more easy: p300 detects which hosts are on the LAN/VPN using multicast and broadcast UDP. These hosts are added to an “implicit allow” list. Implicit allow is only enabled for new p300 installation, not existing ones. You can enable or disable it in the webinterface.
  • Before a host is displayed as online, we make sure it is reachable with p300 HTTP. Fixes this bug.
  • There was a bug in certain Windows and Java versions when a complete drive is shared. This is fixed now.
  • Multicast TTL is now 100.
  • Removed the multicast device settings. They made no sense anyway since broadcast was also used.
  • Removed guruznetworkinterfaces.implementation.InterfaceInformationRetriever, it made no sense anymore.
  • Manual discovery in webinterface now also auto-allows the host.
  • Some smaller fixes, enhancements and internal refactorings.

If you experience any problems with network devices (like Hell4you does) in this release, please report.