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p300 switching to Java 1.6?

The Java 1.6 features that p300 currently uses (splashscreen, tray icon) are included in a way so that Java 1.5 will still work.

However, I want to do some things that makes this not possible.

Is anyone still using p300 with Java 1.5? Because there is for example only 1.5 for OS X 10.4. Please tell me.

p300 version 1027 has been released

Another year, another release ;) p300 1027 is out. Go and get it.


  • Sound effects in the chat when you send or receive a message
  • Copy own URL to clipboard from main menu
  • Updated launch4j to 3.0.1. Should fix problems with some 64bit Java VMs
  • Auto updater settings are now an advanced settings

Please report all problems, especially if the new sound feature does not work.

Merry Christmas!

Have some nice holidays!

I actually planned to do some p300 work these days, but I’ve got a lot of social obligations. Most of them I even do voluntarily ;)

p300 1011 has been released

I’m happy to announce the latest version of p300 :)

The changes are:

  • With the change from 3-character revision to 4-character, the auto updater was broken. This is now fixed for future releases. However, this means the auto upater is not able to launch revision 1011. You have to manually download it.
  • Allowing of hosts has been reworked to be more easy: p300 detects which hosts are on the LAN/VPN using multicast and broadcast UDP. These hosts are added to an “implicit allow” list. Implicit allow is only enabled for new p300 installation, not existing ones. You can enable or disable it in the webinterface.
  • Before a host is displayed as online, we make sure it is reachable with p300 HTTP. Fixes this bug.
  • There was a bug in certain Windows and Java versions when a complete drive is shared. This is fixed now.
  • Multicast TTL is now 100.
  • Removed the multicast device settings. They made no sense anyway since broadcast was also used.
  • Removed guruznetworkinterfaces.implementation.InterfaceInformationRetriever, it made no sense anymore.
  • Manual discovery in webinterface now also auto-allows the host.
  • Some smaller fixes, enhancements and internal refactorings.

If you experience any problems with network devices (like Hell4you does) in this release, please report.

p300 bug in Windows when sharing a complete NTFS drive

Blackout888 and oXyde reported a weird p300 bug that happens with various Windows (Vista, XP) and Java (1.6.0_04, 1.6.0_10) versions, but only in some cases:

Sharing of a complete drive (e.g. d:\) formatted with NTFS is not possible in systems affected by this bug. The reasons are currently unknown, the HTTP error reported by p300 will be “400 Not existing or not readable”.

I am currently absolutely unsure why this is happening. Is anyone else affected and can maybe tell more information?

Update 21.11.2008: new File(“d:\\”).isHidden () returns true if d: is a NTFS drive. p300 does not share hidden files, therefore the sharing will fail. Why Java / Windows behaves like that.. I don’t know, but I will look at it. But at least it means that this “bug” will be fixed in the next p300 version: On Windows we will also share hidden files.

Update 2 21.11.2008: It is actually already in the Sun Java Bug Tracker :(

Weird p300 connection problems

I have spent some hours with Hell4You debugging an issue with p300 connectivity on his network. The result of the issues were that browsing and chatting sometimes worked, sometimes it didn’t. By looking at the p300-generated hostfinder webpage and debugging around with the Eclipse debugger we were able to track it down: Some of his hardware / software is duplicating UDP packets and using its own IP as the source IP of the duplicated packet. Really really weird stuff. This resulted in connectivity sometimes not working because the wrong IP was used by p300.

The latest p300 version that will come in some weeks will fix this issue: It will always be checked with HTTP if some ip:port is really running p300. If you experience the same problem as described here, I can send it earlier :)

For the record, he is using a 3com OfficeConnect and a SpeedTouch 780wl.

Lesson learned? Never trust UDP!

p300 987 has been released

I have found the time to release the latest p300.

The changes are mostly bugfixes, thanks to all reporters (oXyde and more):

  • Fixed two very stupid bug in the downloader that prevented a download from finishing when it had multiple sources (e.g. if a host we are downloading from was reachable via LAN and via VPN)
  • Fixed another bug in the downloader that (sometimes?) prevented files over 2 GB from finishing
  • Try to more agressively send multicast packets. This should eliminate “bad argument for IP_MULTICAST_IF2: No IP addresses bound to interface” messages
  • Most options in the webinterface are hidden per default. There is a checkbox to have those options shown again
  • Moved some stuff from MainDialog methods in Action objects
  • Search edit field in main window gets the keyboard focus when window is shown or mouse is over the edit field
  • Link to iTunes store in the shopping search results (US, Germany, Belgium). Tell us if you need more
  • After click on send button in chat the input field gets the focus
  • “Open results in webinterface” button in the search results
  • Browse a directory directly from the search results
  • More options in the main menu
  • double click on LAN/VPN hosts in main window: Add a host
  • The search from the browse window now opens the new search GUI instead of the old webinterface search UI
  • The window for the upload log and the console should now properly auto-scroll (at least on Linux and OS X). Also, their size has been limited to 512 KB

Have fun :)

Version 876 of p300 has been released

Finally the long-awaited search function inside p300 is released :)

  • thanks to the hard work of Sebastian, the global search finally works! Yay!
  • increased window size from 600×400 to 800×600
  • hostname for unique LAN identifier generation will be kept even if it changes. This should fix some duplicate hosts in the host list.
  • We now have a support webchat. Thanks to axod from mibbit!

Version 809 of p300 has been released

Version 809 of p300 has just been released. It is only a small bugfix release.


  • Java WebStart should finally really work. At least let’s hope that. (bug of the last version)
  • The auto updater should work again. (bug of the last version)
  • Icon on send button in chat
  • Allow Hamachi IPs (Starting with “5.”) per default
  • Removed caption from search button in main window
  • When manually adding a host for discovery, it will automatically be allowed

Have fun and report any bugs you find!

p300 revision 762 released

Finally, another release of p300. Let’s hope I have more time for p300 after my diploma thesis.


  • menu button in main window
  • changed most of the tree items to menu items
  • changed main tree so that chat and webinterface of hosts are easier reachable
  • set focus to input edit field in chat window when opening
  • add share directly from main menu
  • simplified adding shares, sharename will be derived from directory name
  • ENTER to send in chat instead of CTRL+X
  • download button in GUI file browser
  • added to shops
  • moved icons around in the JAR
  • automatic scrolling down in console and upload log
  • download completition percentage has now two decimal places
  • hidden files or directories in the shares cannot be acessed anymore
  • hide Sharemonkey buttons until the quality of their results improves
  • changed some internal things on how resources are loaded
  • better inclusion of Java Webstart on
  • updated icon shown im Java Webstart
  • added splash screen in Java Webstart
  • the ID used for identification in LAN will now contain the encoded hostname. this makes p300 work from multiple computers using the same home directory. Currently all will show the same display name though.
  • links to suggest feature and to send feedback

Have fun with it :)

Again, some p300 UI polishing

To make it easier to access the chat feature, I revised the main window UI again. If you hover over one of the hosts, 3 icons for the host will appear for Browsing, Chat and Webinterface

The window:

The icons:

(Hostnames blurred out)

To be released soon, contact me if you want it NOW :)

p300 revision 709 released

I am happy to announce version 709 of p300.

Notable changes:

  • A chat/messenger function!
  • donate icon in main window :D
  • new icon, artwork etc. Thanks ToniCE!
  • TCP buffer is now 0.5 of chunk size
  • No more syncing config in getAllowedHosts and getUnlimitedHosts. Thanks ShadowIce!
  • Changed JDialog back to JFrame
  • Search is now in main window. A new window will open where you can open the result pages
  • Removed old unused icons.

Make sure to report us any bugs and suggest features on!

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